Hiring A Great Chef is No Easy Task

Running a restaurant is hard work and you’ll need a great staff to help you become successful. This means you’ll have to find a chef that suits your restaurant. You don’t want to hire just any old chef. Here are tips for hiring a great chef for your restaurant.

chef cooking in a wok

1. Temperament- Running a restaurant can be stressful at times and there are bound to be days when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You want to hire a chef with an even temperament and not one that is not going to keep their cool under pressure. Remember, if your chef reacts in a negative way in stressful situations, then the rest of your staff will follow suit. When you interview chefs, ask them plenty of questions about their past work and how they’ve handled extremely stressful situations and how they plan to handle any future stressful situations, if you were to hire them.

2. Attention To Details- Your restaurant’s goal is to keep customers coming back, and if the food is good, then they will come back time after time. This is why you need a chef that pays great attention to details, regardless of how small or large those details are. Plus, you want a chef that will follow instructions in regards to recipes and ordering inventory and things of that nature. If you make the mistake of hiring a chef that doesn’t pay attention to detail, then eventually this can have a negative impact on your business.

3. Good Leader- The chef you hire should be a good leader and should have no problems training staff members. You may want to hire new staff as time goes on, and when you do, you want to make sure your chef can properly train them and show them the ropes. Your chef will need to know how to use your restaurant’s equipment and how things should be done. Before you hire a chef, make sure you ask them about their leadership skills or ask them if they’d feel comfortable leading people, training them and handling equipment when you’re not around.


4. Experience- You want a chef with plenty of experience because they will be preparing the food for your customers and telling other cooks how to prepare the food. The more experience a chef has, the better because this means you can trust them with running the kitchen when you’re not there. When interviewing chefs for the position, inquire about their experience and ask if they can provide you with references of places they’ve worked in the past. This will help you get a better idea of the experience they have, as well as the type of training they have received.

Hiring a great chef can have a huge impact on your restaurant and in a good way. Hiring a bad chef will do the opposite.

This is why you should keep the above tips in mind.

If you do that, eventually you’ll find the perfect chef for your restaurant.

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