Tips For Hiring A Great Chef For Your Restaurant

Hiring A Great Chef is No Easy Task

Running a restaurant is hard work and you’ll need a great staff to help you become successful. This means you’ll have to find a chef that suits your restaurant. You don’t want to hire just any old chef. Here are tips for hiring a great chef for your restaurant.

chef cooking in a wok

1. Temperament- Running a restaurant can be stressful at times and there are bound to be days when anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You want to hire a chef with an even temperament and not one that is not going to keep their cool under pressure. Remember, if your chef reacts in a negative way in stressful situations, then the rest of your staff will follow suit. When you interview chefs, ask them plenty of questions about their past work and how they’ve handled extremely stressful situations and how they plan to handle any future stressful situations, if you were to hire them.

2. Attention To Details- Your restaurant’s goal is to keep customers coming back, and if the food is good, then they will come back time after time. This is why you need a chef that pays great attention to details, regardless of how small or large those details are. Plus, you want a chef that will follow instructions in regards to recipes and ordering inventory and things of that nature. If you make the mistake of hiring a chef that doesn’t pay attention to detail, then eventually this can have a negative impact on your business.

3. Good Leader- The chef you hire should be a good leader and should have no problems training staff members. You may want to hire new staff as time goes on, and when you do, you want to make sure your chef can properly train them and show them the ropes. Your chef will need to know how to use your restaurant’s equipment and how things should be done. Before you hire a chef, make sure you ask them about their leadership skills or ask them if they’d feel comfortable leading people, training them and handling equipment when you’re not around.


4. Experience- You want a chef with plenty of experience because they will be preparing the food for your customers and telling other cooks how to prepare the food. The more experience a chef has, the better because this means you can trust them with running the kitchen when you’re not there. When interviewing chefs for the position, inquire about their experience and ask if they can provide you with references of places they’ve worked in the past. This will help you get a better idea of the experience they have, as well as the type of training they have received.

Hiring a great chef can have a huge impact on your restaurant and in a good way. Hiring a bad chef will do the opposite.

This is why you should keep the above tips in mind.

If you do that, eventually you’ll find the perfect chef for your restaurant.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company for Your Pub

Why You Should Use a Carpet Cleaning Service for your Pub

Carpeting cleaning is an important service that many people need, especially bar owners. Some club owners might prefer cleaning their own carpets without the help of a professional carpet cleaning company, however, keeping the carpets clean can be a challenge because it can have stubborn stains that will need a little extra work. Keeping your carpet in a good condition will go a long way in making it last longer, looking great and smelling clean.


There are pros and cons of doing the cleaning yourself or getting your staff to do it. If you don’t do it right, you can really make things worse. This is why it is important to look for professionals to help you out.

There are some simple things you can do to increase the duration between cleaning.

There are some factors that will determine the frequency of cleaning.

In a pub setting, quite frequently, beer, alcohol, and other beverages are spilled on the table and run onto the floor. Food can also land and stain spot areas. In Canada, lets not forget about salt and soil being embedded into the material from the bottoms of shoes and boots. The number of people in the club on a regular basis can also determine the frequency of cleaning.

With a professional carpet cleaning service company, you are sure of getting the best bank for your buck.

They’ll also give you some tips on how to protect it, like using rubber isle runners and door mats in the winter months or in rainy weather.

Below are some reasons why you should consider professional cleaning services.

It’s fast and efficient

Carpet cleaning is not an easy task, and it will take you a lot of time to do it. Depending on the size of the area you need done, you can spend hours at it. You may find out that thing don’t always turn out clean as you had thought. With a carpet cleaning service, you will only need to make the phone call or schedule regular routine service, and you are done. They have experienced cleaning professional teams who are able to usually come in at night, get it cleaned, and run dryers until morning when it time to open up.

They’ll also have the best equipment for the job, of course, it’s their livelihood. They should have the best equipment.

Cost effective

One assumption many people when it comes to carpet cleaning is that it is cheaper to do their own cleaning compared to hiring a professional cleaning company. Many bar owners are usually forced to spend more when things backfire or the staff decides they’re leaving early. You need to know the right types of detergents to use when cleaning. If not used in the right way, some cleaning agents can damage your carpeting. There are different cleaning techniques, and it can be hard to know the right one suited for you. Best leave that to an experienced professional.


In the past, you had to carry your carpeting all the way to the cleaning center to have them cleaned, but things have completely changed today. Carpet cleaning service companies come right to your establishment and do the cleaning there. Best of all you can arrange the service on your schedule. This means you won’t have to go through a lot of hassles to have your carpet cleaned.

Quality service

With professional carpet cleaning service, you can expect to get the best service. This is because they have experienced cleaners who are able to deal with any challenges that may arise during the cleaning. The cleaning equipment used are the best with the latest technology. The cleaning agents used are also of quality and leaves your carpet looking amazing.

Carpet cleaning is something you will have to do in your pub, restaurant or bar on a regular basis.

Ensure you make the right choice when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

Why Hire A Professional Kitchen Cleaning Company?

Why Hire A Professional Kitchen Cleaning Company?

One of the toughest parts of running a kitchen is keeping it clean. Certainly, any good chef worth their job knows how to clean up a kitchen. And most good chefs know how to spot-clean and ensure that their kitchen is going to be HACCP kosher just in case of a surprise inspection.

But that doesn’t mean cleaning up the kitchen can’t become the worst part. After all, unless you’re going to do a full break down, the kitchen isn’t going to get cleaned entirely. It’s one thing to run a grease trap through a high pressure dishwasher, but that doesn’t necessarily always cut it. Sometimes, you need a full cleaning, especially for your regularly scheduled inspections.

This is where hiring a professional cleaning company can be fantastic. While most professional cleaning companies focus on home and office cleaning, there are plenty of places that will gladly take your money in order to clean your commercial kitchen.


Many restaurants are hesitant to hire a professional cleaning company in order to do a full cleaning on their commercial grade kitchen. After all, they have cooks and chefs. Surely they can simply have those cooks put in a few extra hours and get everything clean. It will save money and work just as well, right?

That is not the case! The real truth is that working in a commercial kitchen is a stressful job. There’s a reason so many chefs have a problem with addiction and alcoholism, and why so many more have anger management issues. By making the chefs work extra long hours just to clean, you’re not only affecting their readiness to do their job, but you’re also forcing them to lose the small amount of time they actually have to calm down and relax. These can be devastating to your overall bottom line, especially if you do a lot of kitchen business.

Meanwhile, a professional cleaning company cleans for a living. Which means that they’re ready, willing, and able to put in a hard night’s work to make sure your kitchen is gleaming the next morning. Not only that, they generally have better equipment and chemicals for cleaning. This can be incredibly important, because if it’s been a while since your commercial kitchen got a full cleaning, then there can be a great deal of caked on grease and other, even harder to clean, bits of grime.

And remember, there’s a lot of space between “HACCP appropriate” and “will pass a state inspection”. The cooking surfaces can be completely clean, but if the corners and crevices haven’t been cleaned well, a grumpy or petty state inspector could decide that you’re not up to code. At that point, you’ll have to schedule a full cleaning no matter what, and you’ll have to do it in an emergency situation. In that situation, not only will you almost certainly not have the manpower, you may not have the time, either. Even if you do have the time, getting a professional cleaning crew into your commercial kitchen on short notice could be much more costly.

Lastly, a professional cleaning company can often do the things that chefs and cooks tend to do half-heatedly at best. A lot of coolers don’t get cleaned nearly as often as they should, because it would require pulling all the food out, cleaning, waiting for the cleaning solution to dry out, and then putting the food back in. That’s a lot of work, and a lot of time. So coolers tend not to get cleaned unless something goes obviously bad, or something breaks open and spills.

A professional kitchen cleaning company will take care of those details. They’re important details to pay attention to, after all, and part of why places might want a professional cleaning crew at all.

So, even though it may seem as though you don’t need to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company, the real truth is that doing so will save you time, money, and energy in the long run. Scheduling a full cleaning regularly, once a month or so, will help ensure that you’ll never have to worry about the occasional random inspection.

And it’ll help ensure your business runs smoothly.


How is Tequila Made – Production Basics

Agave TEquila

Blue Agave are the key source for making Tequila. These plants are planted on ranch farms and take sometimes up to 10 years before they are totally developed. When the fully grown Agave plants await collecting, the Agave farmer, referred to as “Jimador,” by hand eliminates the piña. This is removed from the Agave plants core. This process of harvest has been done for numerous years, even centuries. Each piñan evaluates in between 65 as well as 135 extra pounds. Surprisingly, it takes close to 17 extra pounds of this Agave to create 1 litre of Tequila. These piña hearts will be broken open as well as fit to be tied in big stress stoves. The resulting fluids move right into huge steel barrels for fermentation. This is where the procedure will take anywhere from 12 hrs to a number of days, relying on numerous other elements consisting of; the quantity of the water and the sugar contained in the piñas, the sort of yeast that is utilized, and also the ambient level of temperature.

Amazing Results

When the fermentation process is completed, the fluid after that goes through a dual purification procedure. When the 2nd purification is done, a powerful high alcohol proof Tequila arises. Tequila is anemic or colorless when it first comes off the still. This Blanco Tequila, is after that, thinned down with pure water to accomplish the preferred to a proof 80 level. Blanco or Silver Tequila can be aged for 2 months in wood vats and is then called, or known as, “Reposado”.

Gold Tequila, if not 100% pure Agave is unnaturally made darker with caramel sugar coloring. A Super-Premium quality called “Añejo” is aged even longer inside large oak barrels. Relying on the specific aging method, each finished product achieves a unique taste as well as level of smoothness. Like great wines, the intricacy as well as taste is improved with age. “Bonus Añejo” is matured in a white oak barrel for, at the very least, 3 years. Thus, making it the “anchient” and even rarest of the aging designs.